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Corporate Finance

Corporate Finance

Our Corporate Finance services are central to today’s business environment, underpinning capital raising, strategic planning, banking, risk management and exits.


Corporate Finance

CooperSummors Corporate Finance is more than ongoing relationships, funding, timing, flexibility and business understanding – it is about determining the solutions that accurately reflect and meet your business needs and requirements. It is about being a partner in business, complementing and working with you to achieve more, to excel and drive outstanding results.

Our Corporate Finance services are provided as an integrated offering to meet the confidentiality of our clients. Working with CEOs, CFOs, Business Owners and Company Directors, we provide a practical approach to each assignment in order to minimise the complexity whilst protecting the stakeholders.

Capital Raising

Capital Raising

  • Liquidity enhancement

  • Balance sheet optimisation

  • Senior and mezzanine finance

  • Debt advisory and intermediary

  • Equity

Given the current challenging economic climate and unclear future liquidity, many businesses are looking for opportunistic ways to strengthen their balance sheet and enhance cash flow by raising debt and equity capital.  Our team of dedicated professionals can provide you with an insightful and tailored advice on the wider market, or specific niche issues.  Our team has the experience, knowledge and dedication to find the right solution.


We advise and work with our clients in the following areas:

  • Debt Refinancing
  • Capital Markets
  • Listings and Flotations
  • Specialist Finance

Mergers Acquisitions

Mergers & Acquisitions

  • Target appraisal & evaluation

  • Structure & funding

  • Process optimisation

  • Pre & post integration


Our Mergers and Acquisition teams are comprised of experienced investment bankers, business owners, accountants and financial analysts to give you the best pre and post merger and acquisition advice.

Our teams of professionals will help guide you through the evaluation, structuring, funding, regulatory, integration and operational demands that can undo much of the value created if not managed carefully.

Exit Strategies

Exit Strategies

  • Evaluation & recommendation

  • Maximise value

  • Realise aspirations

  • Execution


We advise on the most appropriate exit strategies for companies, reviewing all the options available and managing the process if required.  We maximise exit values by careful evaluation, building and executing strategic exits efficiently and in close co-operation with management.

Where we can help:

  • When equity holders are looking to extract and maximise value
  • If a formal insolvency would destroy value or reputation
  • Unprofitable or inadequate returns on capital are being realised
  • When a business needs a strong blend of practical, commercial, operational and financial skills



  • Introductions

  • Relationship management

  • Bilaterals and syndicates

  • Strategic recommendations

  • Overseas

co_bankingMaking good banking and liquidity management decisions, from an operational perspective, is essential for virtually any company.  Our specialists in banking relationship management can support you in establishing comprehensive bank relationships.

We can help you to build a strategy that will cover your potential requirements over the coming years, even if you currently have no borrowings or business relationships.

Financial Instruments

Financial Instruments

  • Debt structuring

  • Liquidity

  • Senior & Mezzanine

  • Equity

  • Asset finance

  • Strategic recommendations

We can help guide your business to structure its debt appropriately and can help you find untapped sources of liquidity, enabling you to take advantage of new opportunities and avoid liquidity issues. We provide advice on a variety of sources of finance:

Bank Finance
  • Overdraft
  • Term debt
  • Mezzanine
  • Bilaterals
  • Syndications
Equity Finance
  • Angel/ Venture Capital
  • Enterprise Capital Funds
  • Aspire Fund
Debt Asset Finance
  • Asset finance
  • Lines of credit
  • Specialised Finance
  • Discounting/ Factoring
  • Publicly Funded Grants
  • Soft Loans
  • Development Finance
  • Trade Credit
  • Equipment Leasing









Risk Management

Risk Management

  • Analysis and assessment

  • Solution implementation

  • Trend analysis

  • Market change

  • Modelling & critical sensitivity

  • Strategic recommendations

co_risk-managementRisk analysis and assessment is critical to ongoing business success.  Our professionals determine business risks and their relative importance.  Following risk identification, we provide solutions to mitigate these risks and offer rational explanations, projections and evaluations based on our recommendations.  We assist clients to understand risks and project market trends.

Our team uses economic theory and statistical, econometric and financial expertise to tackle some of the most complex and challenging business issues of today.

Combining modelling skills with deep industry knowledge, we provide professional economic advice to management teams across a spectrum of sectors and geographies. Our teams consist of chartered accountants, chartered bankers, business consultants, economists and financial analysts who apply economic rigour and analysis to the business, consumer and regulatory issues.

Loan Syndication

Loan Syndication

  • Release locked-in equity

  • Drive higher returns on equity

  • Create asset liquidity

  • Free cash to re-invest

  • Reduce risk exposure

  • Return income to investors                     Free Syndication Download  >>


Why appoint CooperSummors as preferred Arranger?

As a leading full service syndication specialist unencumbered by traditional constraints, we provide the ultimate solution for today’s ambitious firms raising capital. Our capabilities and expertise provide:

  • Transparent framework
  • 35% fee reductions
  • Project deal exclusivity
  • Tailored solutions
  • Full deal execution
  • Dedicated client focus
  • Non-Conflicted Solutions

CooperSummors Loan Syndication leverages off Corporate Finance, direct access to Debt Market players and strong relationships to provide a comprehensive service, packaged with capital raising.

Providing expertise in structured, corporate and project financings, balance sheet management, restructurings and private placement services we help clients enter the international capital markets and co-ordinate the financing process on their behalf. Loan Syndication helps clients’ create stronger demand for their paper, negotiate finer pricing, superior terms and crucially build key relationships.

Our syndication model effectively turns the traditional approach on it’s head:

  • We work closely with our clients ensuring their long term interests are always the top priority
  • We have removed traditional barriers and conflicts of interest
  • Our experience and expertise is provided at an unrivalled value
  • We partner you through the entire process, including:
    • Strategy
    • Pre Launch
    • Due Diligence
    • Information Memorandum Pack
    • Financial Models & Sensitivity Analysis
    • Syndication Process Control
    • Management Presentation
    • Execution
    • Post Closing
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