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Business Horizons  provides business leaders with  a unique opportunity to drive performance, achieve real growth and ensure the best strategic courses are implemented.

Working closely with ambitious businesses, business leaders, budget controllers and stakeholders, Business Horizons' executives offer a dynamic approach to ongoing development, strategic management and economic growth.  A dedicated service is provided on a retained basis over a number of platforms on a weekly, monthly, or quarterly basis to suit the business requirements.

Working closely with venture capital firms, banks, financial institutions and the angel investor community, along with CooperSummors' industry professionals, many businesses have improved regulation, achieved economic development and performance, increased education and skills, realised innovative consumer products and opened new routes to European and Worldwide markets. 

Business Horizons

Driving business performance and developent through innovation our professional management advisory executives focus not merely on analysis but on solving business challenges and implementing business change and policies, by applying hands on expertise.

Industries and companies around the world are re-evaluating market potential for business performance and growth, risk management, legal compliance and HR, in an increasingly competitive landscape. Business Horizons provides business leaders with direct access to the latest methodology, tools and expert support.

Enterprise Performance

Enterprise Performance

  • Ethos

  • Strategic review

  • Analysis and assessment

  • Projected placement point

  • Recommendation and milestones

  • Implementation

bu_enterprise-performanceOur Enterprise Performance management solutions are central to the strategic agenda of businesses, governments and industries that want to dramatically improve their ability to make informed decisions, organize their businesses, integrate and drive shareholder value.

Our experts work with senior management groups to provide insight and determine viable plans that can be put into practice, providing the experience, knowledge and know how to augment your business, executive teams or complex projects.

Business Recovery

Business Recovery

  • Early identification of underlying issues

  • Practical solutions to deal with increased competition, margin pressures, performance decline and cash constraints

  • Intermediation and negotiation

  • Implement change

  • Realise value

bu_business-recoveryMarket downturns, new nimble competitors, disruptive technologies or strategic errors have plunged many businesses into serious financial distress. These challenges can quickly trigger a host of problems that undermine management and the business. Our recovery professionals are valued by clients for their ability to:

  • Quickly identify real problems and develop viable solutions
  • Manage legal and financial exposure
  • Negotiate on actual or potential breaches of banking covenants
  • Align corporate structure to business objectives
  • Gain co-operation in implement change
  • Represent business or stakeholders to review available options

Business Transformation

Business Transformation

  • Business productivity alignment

  • Innovative thinking

  • Management best practices

  • Leveraging recognised value

  • New technologies and routes to market

  • Improved customer service

bu_business-transformationAs a key executive management initiative, our professional management advisory teams help companies transform their existing business models into market leading winners. By aligning business initiatives to their markets, people, processes and technology productivity, market share and shareholder value are enhanced.

Through innovative thinking, support and alignment of business strategies companies can achieve transformation through management of best practices, disruptive technologies and human capital.  Providing companies with the ability to:

  • Change their presence by improving services to customers

  • Increase their prominence through a sustainable approach

  • Recognise and leverage value

Transactional Services

Transactional Services

  • Deal process, analysis and overview

  • Mergers and acquisitions

  • Disposals

  • Value creation

  • Maximising exit opportunities

  • Capital markets

bu_transational-servicesOur dedicated professionals bring an impressive compliment of financial, commercial and operational insight to every deal.  They deliver industry knowledge, help clients navigate the deal process, provide commercial due diligence and review.  Ensuring the best decisions are made on:

  • Acquisitions
  • Disposals
  • Strategic alliances
  • Operational improvements
  • Maximising value on exit
  • Accessing global capital markets

Valuation Economics

Valuation & Economics

  • Financial modelling

  • Tangible and intangible assets

  • Financial instruments

  • Capital markets

  • Valuations and recommendations

bu_valuation-and-economicsWe provide financial modelling services and support our clients in their decision making.  Our Valuations and Economics specialists provide an extensive range of services.
These include valuations of:

  • Enterprise value
  • Shares
  • Assets
  • Intangibles
  • Financial instruments
  • Share options
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