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Engagement Model

We deliver our industry professionals and advisors through a wide variety of engagement models – providing you with flexibility, choice and control.

At CooperSummors our teams of professionals and advisors combine deep industry expertise, knowledge and know-how with practical tools, authoritative research, competences and innovative thinking to ignite growth in your business.

We implement standards and safeguards to drive appropriate consulting solutions and methods through collaboration systems that include educational events, telephone consultations, research projects, consultancy assignments, project schedules and interim assignments. To facilitate these engagement models, CooperSummors has developed unique systems to support its client standards for expert consulting, managed through technology that enforces customer compliance requirements.


We deliver our industry professionals and advisors through a wide variety of engagement models – providing you with flexibility, choice and control.

Enabling you to:

  • Make informed business decisions – quickly and concisely

  • Work smarter and grow faster

  • Add skills and expertise you need

  • Gain speed, objectivity, effectiveness and return on investment

Company Representation

Company Representation, Private Visits


Company Representation and Private Visits are organised as one-on-one meetings with professional managers and advisors that take place at industry events, client offices and customer sites.

Representation and attendance can take place through permanent or temporary letters of authority, providing the benefit of a highly confidential, intimate and secure nature for these meetings.

Consultancy Assignments

Consultancy Assignments

en_consultancy-assignmentsOur teams and individuals of industry leaders, advisors and professional managers consult with our clients to help build effective businesses, launch new services, enter new markets, work smarter and grow faster.

Consulting assignments can be tailored to the specific request of each client and can provide flexibility and efficient use of time and resources on a day, weekly or monthly basis.  Facilitating the beneficial change to meet the specific business requirements and objectives.

Interim Management

Interim Management

en_interim-managementIn times of change, transformation or growth, the value proposition of our interim management service is designed to augment and support our clients boardroom, executive and management team.

Talented and experienced professionals will execute and deliver insight, results and lasting change within today’s competitive environment.  Adding value through skills and expertise our clients gain speed, objectivity, accountability, effectiveness, commitment and return on investment.

Master Classes

Master Classes

en_masterclassesBespoke and customised presentations aimed at presenting key issues within core functions of a business or industry are offered at client offices.

Delivered by leading industry practitioners, marketeers and business educators, Master Classes offer private and confidential briefings, which provide a tailored curriculum or program that is specific to the needs of the client.

Non-Executive Advisory

Non-Executive Advisory Services

en_non-executive-advisory-servicesOur Non-Executive Advisory Services provide you with access to senior professionals extensive business experience, proven ability and know-how. 

We provide the right people for your business at the right time.  

Available for you to utilise, there is an unparalleled talent pool of people, with ability, motivation and drive. To help identify and execute solutions for your business, in key areas such as; Strategy, Performance, Risk and People.

Project Management

Project Management

en_project-managementCooperSummors' people combine a deep specialist knowledge, with a genuine understanding of milestones and delivery.  

For quality results delivered across a diverse range of industries, sectors and functional requirements.  Our approach through our expertise, tools and knowledge, provides the assets to successfully delivery and meet the most demanding projects.

Investigative Research

Global Investigative Research

en_global-investigative-researchGlobal Investigative Research provides confidential observations and research through to extensive investigations and analysis of:

  • Competitors/ industry
  • Country markets/ entry
  • New service delivery programmes
  • Geographical and territorial characteristics
Programs encompass a full research schedule or can be customised for a specific research agenda or to a client's specific requirement.



en_seminarsThese unique and bespoke seminars are tailored specifically to suit your audience. Our seminar courses are committed to responsible academic instruction focused on commercial, legal/ regulatory, industry or company subject matter.

Industry bodies, committees and companies have the opportunity to communicate changes, industry codes/ updates, plans and knowledge of their chosen fields, subject matter and topics.

Telephone Consultations

Telephone Consultations

en_telephone-consultationsTelephone Consultations aid businesses with expert perspectives and insight that help them to make informed business decisions – quickly and concisely.

Based on a specific client query, confidential telephone consultations provide clients with direct access, insight and rapid access to industry and market perspectives from industry leaders, advisors and professional managers around the world.

Written Research

Written Research

en_written-researchWritten Research provides direct access, insight and perspectives on markets and industries.  

In order to make informed business decisions, quickly and concisely, leverage our our worldwide foot print of advisors and professional managers.  Our clients can access an array of written research or implement projects for specific queries.