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Diversity and Inclusion at CooperSummors

At CooperSummors we know that sustaining our leading market position depends on unlocking the innovation, creativity and potential of everyone who works here.

The basis of our diversity strategy is recognising all the ways in which people are different, both visibly - for example in gender or ethnicity - and subliminally, in ways such as social or educational background, or personality. Our diversity is our strength, driving business performance and success. It is an integral part of our strategy for competing in the current and future marketplace.

Working at CooperSummors means being part of a high performing team delivering excellent service to our clients. We perform best by harnessing the collective and complementary skills, knowledge, backgrounds and networks of a rich mix of people who work together in an environment that is fully inclusive and totally respecting of individuals.

Our commitment to diversity and equality extends beyond our own people to the communities in which we operate, driven partly by our social responsibility as a responsible company and partly by our business need to continue attracting talented people into our company and encouraging them to stay.

We have in place, programmes aimed at delivering our long term aim for the creation of a culture of inclusion. A variety of business-focused and social networks are available and have been set up by our people, each chaired by a senior representative from the company and run by a team of volunteers, who build their involvement into their personal objectives and are given time away from client work to action initiatives.